The Fruits of Monotheism HILR Fall semester (2nd half) 2018; Mondays at 1:00pm
This is the "official" course website. Some items will be repeated on the Canvas course website for your convenience.
  Course Content:   
  1. HILR Course Catalog entry (pdf)
  2. Longer course description (pdf)
  3. Welcome letter (pdf)
  Reading in Preparation for Meetings:  

Week 1: November 5, 2018: Background; Monolatry  (pdf)

We have some heavy lifting to do in our first week so that everyone has a chronological framework within which to place the events we'll be discussing. If nothing else, please be certain that you can recite the begin and end dates for the Persian Period and the Hellenistic Period!

Week 2: November 12, 2018: The Triumph of Monotheism  


  A note about the books:  

There aren't any. The readings will be posted here and on the Canvas version of the course website.