The Fruits of Monotheism

HILR Fall 2018

SGL: B Ruml

3. The Book of Job

Books of the Hebrew Bible
Contents of the Torah

What's the thesis of the course?

Where are we in the argument?

The adoption of cosmic monism caused an emotional crisis: then where does evil come from?

The alternatives: YHWH alone or also from some other force.

The Book of Job

What's the book about?

Is it significant that Job is not an Israellite?

Is Job a perfect specimen of the devout?

The Person of Job

The narrator declares that Job is "blameless" and that he "fears God".

He's also the Bill Gates of the ancient near east!

The Context of Job

There is a divine council. Is there any suggestion that YHWH does not control everything?

Is there any suggestion that Job will receive his just deserts after his death?

Any suggestion that Job will have an interesting afterlife?

The Adversary

ha-satan: "ha" is the definite article so this is not a name.

The Assertion

What's the exact assertion that the Adversary makes?

What answer does the story provide?

Do you think that "disinterested piety" is possible?

Ehrman's complaint about the new children

The Poetic Core ch 9

YHWH is strong; therefore,

Though I were innocent, my mouth would condemn me;

Though I were blameless, He would prove me crooked.

I [Job] say: "He destroys the blameless and the guilty."

The earth is handed over to the wicked one.

9:28: I know that you will not acquit me.

The End