Biblical Literacy
An HILR study group in Spring 2021

This is the home page. It's still a work-in-progress! You can navigate using the pull-down menus above to the current session, to other available sessions, to a few of the generally-useful documents, to the timelines, and to the descriptions of the course.

Here's a tentative list of the topics we'll cover each week:
  • Session 0: Introductions; Zoom; Terminology; Timelines
  • Session 1: Foundations; The Creation Stories; Cain and Abel
  • Session 2: The Documentary Hypothesis; The Flood; The Tower of Babel
  • Session 3: Monotheism; The Patriarchs; The Binding of Isaac; Jacob and Esau
  • Session 4: Moses and the Exodus; Mount Sinai
  • Session 5: The Conquest; the Judges; the United Kingdom
  • Session 6: 722; Deuteronomy; 586
  • Session 7: Return; Job; Daniel
  • Session 8: Synoptic Gospel Sources; Mark; the Passion
  • Session 9: Matthew and Luke; the Q Source
  • Session 10: The M and L Material; Gospel of Thomas
  • Session 11: Gospel of John
  • Session 12: Letters of Paul; Revelations