Beardsley Ruml

Deb, let's eat!

Our food blog is here but here are some specialities of the house:

Turkey Sandwich

Here's the famous Ruml turkey sandwich, developed over many years. Reading from the bottom: Pepperidge Farm Seeded Rye lightly toasted, gravy, hard-boiled egg slices, emmenthal cheese, turkey white meat, cranberry jelly, ultra-crisp thick bacon, dressing, gravy, toast.

Olive Bread

I'm a hugh fan of olive bread, but nothing I can buy has enough olives (I guess the olives are a lot more expensive than flour). The solution has been to use Jim Lahey's no-knead bread recipe with about 3 cups of chopped olives to make the ideal loaf.

Cherry Tart

This is the tart we make at the villa during cherry season. Exactly the same recipe as for our classic blueberry tart; the cherries come from the nearby town of Vignola, considered the best source for cherries in Italy.

We're in Grossetto, returning to the villa from our eight weeks (5000km) in Greece in 2011, fortified with provisions from Volpetti (the Dean and Deluca of Rome).

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