A (Distressed) Tuscan Villa

The beautiful Tuscan villa pictured above no longer looks exactly like that. But it's still a marvelous place to relax (or work) in the summer. As the only one of the five sibling-owners who retains any interest in its future, I'd like to arrange to pass it on to you and your family.

[il parco]

I'm looking for a congenial Italophile couple/family who are enthusiastic enough to view ownership of the villa as a very long-term poposition. It would be sensible to spend some serious time in residence before making a decision.

Once you're very familiar with the villa, we would expect you to purchase my one-third interest in the villa, with the opportunity to back out should the unexpected occur.

Of course there are lots of details and
you can explore them with these links:

  1. location:   13km northeast of Lucca in the foothills overlooking the Arno valley.
  2. floorplans for the ground floor and piano nobile.
  3. the ground floor interior:   living room, kitchen, bath.
  4. the piano nobile interior:   bedroom, baths, reception.
  5. the history:   in the Ruml family since 1953
  6. the proposition:   for a suitable buyer

For further information and answers to your questions, write me at b@ruml.com and I'll get back to you right away.