Wk 7: Assignmts for Nov 9

Week 7:  The Historical Jesus and Eschatological Expectations

1. Ehrman, Jesus: Apocalyptic Prophet of the Millennium (1999), chapter 9  (link), chapter 10 (link), and chapter 11 (link).

I’ve previously suggested that you read this book and, if you have, bravo!  The rest of you get to see a bit of what you’ve missed.  Although very accessible, the text is packed with important information so I’d strongly advise you to take notes!

2. Gospel of Matthew, chapter 24.

You’ve already read most of this in Mark chapter 13.  Some useful analysis, notes and questions are at (link)  

3. Kloppenborg, Q: The Earliest Gospel, chapter 3 (link).

If you need more background about Q (the material common to Matthew and Luke not found in Mark), review the very thorough and sound Wikipedia article (link).  The actual text of Q (and a useful introduction) is available online (link)  There is also an extremely good essay describing the 3-layer hypothesis (that Q was written in three stages) (link).

Note that citations such as Q 3:3 use the chapter and verse divisions of Luke so you’ll find Q 3:3 at Luke 3:3.  Of course, the cited text also appears in Matthew.

4. Morton Smith, Jesus the Magician, chapter 1 (link), Appendix B (link).

Here’s the contrarian Morton Smith arguing that we need to take into account the views his opponents had of Jesus (that he was a magician) in order to arrive at an unbiased conclusion.  As usual, wonderfully written.  The appendix argues that the gospels do not present Jesus as modeled on the Hebrew Bible prophets.