Wrap-up of Sept 28 Week 2

To those who could have heard better if I’d used the microphone, I apologize — if I forget in the future, please interrupt to remind me.

I must admit to some discouragement that apparently a number of you read only the first chapter of Mark because the link pointed to it and one needed to advance to the next chapter using the navigation of that website.  You’ll be rewarded if you read the entire gospel in a single sitting as recommended.

I hope our review of the Geller essay persuaded you that it was worthwhile reading even if (!) it was stuffed to the gills with information which required some pondering to absorb.

I’ve heard from one member who described our discussion as “arid.”  I’m not sure what was meant but if this is the impression of others, I certainly want to address it.  Please, comment on this post to let the group know how you think the class meetings could be improved (and to respond to any earlier comments).  Of course, you can also comment to make observations about the reading, subjects covered in class discussion, or simply to ask a question.  I hope this can be a very interactive study group between meetings, so please go to it!  [To comment, click on the title to the post and scroll down on the resulting page.  Hey, you know that already!]

The class slides are here.