Preview of Sept 28, Week 2

We still have some material to cover from last week: Geller’s terrific essay on “The Religion of the Bible.” We won’t dally but he has so many observations which correct common misconceptions that it would be foolish to forgo the learning.

In a similar vein, I want to explain the Six Retroactions, each of which will prevent you from understanding early Judaism.

Then we’re on the the New Testament. I hope you’ve already read the Gospel of Mark straight through as you would any narrative. If not, do that asking yourself what the author wants you to think of his protagonist. If so, read chapters 1 to 10 slowly looking for those ideas that need explanation; read the annotations if your edition of the NRSV has good ones. (Recall that I recommend The Jewish Annotated New Testament from Oxford.) We’ll save the passion narrative for later.

Finally, we’ll review carefully the Basic Ideas Timeline because it outlines the narrative of our course.