Wrap-up of Sept 21 Week 1

Thanks to all the study group members who made our first meeting so lively and, I think, very successful. I imagine that you can now appreciate that we have a lot to cover each week and that we need to keep on track — which is the reason I put in the time to create the slides. This means, in particular, that SGMs will be expected at all times to respond to the question on the table.

In reviewing our discussion, I realize that I failed to follow up on an important point. The group was unanimous in considering the death of 100,000 people from a tsunami NOT to be an example of evil because it was in a natural disaster. I failed to point out what we’ll consider in detail in Week 3: ancient man had no concept of natural disaster because everything that occurred was to him willed by somebody or something. So, at least when considering our ancient texts, we have to eliminate that category entirely.

Each week I’ll post the slides used in class. Today’s slides are at this link. One navigates through them according to the arrows in the lower right by using the arrow keys. You’ll discover that you can go horizontally and also vertically (in some cases). The vertical slides extend the discussion of the initial slide. Try it out and you’ll get the hang of it. Of course, we didn’t get to the Geller essay today and will take it up first thing next week; if you want to see the slides for it, they’re part of this deck.

You may enjoy looking at the video I spoke about intended to explain to prospective study group members our focus on original meaning in the bible. It’s at this link.

As always, I encourage you to comment on this post (click on the headline and scroll down) if there’s anything you wish you’d said in class or if you have a question that wasn’t answered. And, of course, feel free to reply to one another’s comments.